Monday, July 31, 2006

Let's blognetize!

Let's learn some few words first. Blognetization and blognetize.

What is blognetization? The term is a portmanteau made by contracting the phrase "blog monetization". No, as of now, you cannot find the term anywhere on the web. I just made it myself. Try googling and no one has ever mentioned the term. So, it means that I own this term, hehehe. Because I'm the one who first mentioned it on the web! Blognetize is obviously the verb counterpart of blognetization. The act of monetizing your blog is blognetization and to blognetize means to monetize your blog. Ok? And another term, the money you earned by blognetization, let me call it as blog money.

Ok, let me tell you my story first. I first learned blognetization when I heard about Google Adsense. I tried it myself, I put some Google Ads on my blog, and waited if I will really earn some money... but to my disappointment! I was just earning an average of US$1.00 per month! And since Google Adsense promised to pay only when I reached an earning of US$100.00, the current earning rate meant that I will get my first paycheck after 100 months, or after 8 years and 4 months! So, I therefore concluded then that blognetization was not for me. Maybe, it's for those blogs with high traffic only since Google Adsense pays on per impression basis and per click basis. With a blog traffic of just 100 - 150 hits per day, I told myself that this is not gonna work. But still, I did not delete the Adsense code. What if I'm still blogging after 8 years and 4 months? Then maybe, I'll get my first $100 paycheck. Hehehe.

I have read numerous blog post about Google Adsense saying that it did not work for them. And since my experience was the same, I can relate so much. The main reason why we failed was none of our visitors click the advertisement, or the percentage was very small, about one in 10,000. How could I earn with such click rate if I only have 100-150 visitors per day? Most of my visitors are co-bloggers who don't care clicking on any advertisement, they just want to read my blog post, put some comments, and go.

Despite this failure, I continued experimenting. I tried Adbrite. But the results were the same. But still, I continued searching for techniques. Until I found the key to blognetization! Yeah! I found out that what I did on my previous months of Google Adsensing was hilarious! Analogously, it's just like this: When I found out that boxing makes Manny Pacquiao wealthy, I bought some boxing gloves, went to the boxing ring with a tough opponent expecting to win. Of course, I failed. Surely, anyone with that kind of thinking will fail. In order for me to win that boxing fight, I need to learn how to box like Manny Pacquiao.

Ok, forget Manny. Let's get back to blognetization. What I found out is that you can really blognetize your blog and earn some blog money! Really. No, I don't go into click fraud if that is what you're thinking. When I started applying the key to blognetization, my US$1.00 per month became US$1 per day! With that rate, I'm expecting to earn my first Google Adsense paycheck in less than 4 months! Forget the eight years! Hahaha!

$100 for others is just a small money. But for me, an extra $100 on my pocket every four months is better than having nothing at all. Right?

Are you interested on learning more? Wait for my next post as I reveal the key to blognetization. In the mean time, subscribe to Google Adsense first, you can find the link on the sidebar of this blog. It's free, so you have nothing to worry about. Just wait for my next post!

to be continued...

Update (08/01/06) : Continuation here.

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My Blogging History II

This is a continuation of my previous post.

Comments came when I learned the art of blog hopping. I hopped from one blog to another, reading their entries and posting a message on their tag boards. I found out that unlike ordinary readers, bloggers love to comment. Unless you're a celebrity blogger, most comments on your blog will come from other bloggers. And of course, the most commented post will be the one with a good content.

When comments came, I became more addicted to blogging; posting entries at least once a day. I even post up to a maximum of 5 entries in one day. Posting anything that came into my mind, ranging from my weird experiences on a taxi cab, weird thoughts, weird things I've observed, a forwarded e-mail that caught my attention, lyrics of songs, and so on.

Aside from posting, I learned many things on blogging. I learned to edit the template. I learned to add a tag board. I learned to put streaming background music on my blog. I learned to collect statistics data on my blog. And finally, I learned to monetize my blog! Yeah, I'm currently earning some blog money now. These are the things that I want to discuss on this blog... the things that I learned, and the things that I am currently learning, ranging from template editing up to blog monetization.

So, that’s basically how I started blogging. I think, that's enough for my blogging history. Next time, I'll post a real blogtimization post.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Blogging History I

Before I start posting anything about blogtimization, let me tell you my story on how I got hooked on blogging.

I started blogging 2 years ago, on February 2004, using the free service of I didn't have any idea of the word "blog" then. All I wanted then was to have a way to kill boredom by writing all my experiences online. I searched for "online diary" and from then on, I started writing about my life. I was in Kuwait during that time.

The service of my-diary was very limited. It just gave you a place to write your thoughts. You cannot post picture, you cannot do anything except writing. But still, I used the service for almost 5 months. You can check out my first blog here.

Then, the word "blog" came to me when I saw penoy's blog then, the He was one of my classmates during college. It seemed to me that he was really hooked up on blogging that he even purchased his own domain name for his blog. (Note: is not online anymore, Penoy is now blogging on

I searched for the word "blog" on google and checked if there were free blogging services available, and I found I signed-up immediately and studied how things work on blogger. And since then, I blogged, I blogged and I blogged.

During my first months of blogging, I didn't know if anyone was actually reading my blog. I didn't have a tagboard, I didn't have a hit counter, I didn't have a tool for tracking traffic on my blog. No one bothered commenting on my posts. But I didn't care. I just continued blogging. Not really. During that time, I was so curious on how other people's blog got so many visitors and comments.

So, I decided to "advertise" my blog. I put a link of my blog on my e-mail signature. I enlisted my blog on different blog directories. I put a link of my blog on my Yahoo Messenger status. But still, I was not satisfied with the results. I was waiting for comments on my post, and still, zero comments everyday. Some of my friends on Yahoo Messenger read my blog, but they didn't bother writing comments. They just like reading it. They didn't feel oblige to comment. And I didn't want to force people to comment on my post, I wanted the comments to come naturally.

to be continued...

Update (07/31/06) : Continuation here.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


What is Blogtimizer? A person who blogtimize. I got the idea of the term blogtimize here. Well, it did not say there that the term is copyrighted, so, I thought that I might as well use the term. Well, if it is copyrighted, kindly inform me and I will immediately put the credits on you. But I prefer to use the term not only for optimizing ads on your blogs, but for any kind of optimization related to blogs. Anyway, it's a portmanteau of the word "blog" and "optimize." It could be search engine optimization, content optimization, template optimization, and of course, adsense optimization. No, I'm not an expert on these subjects. I'm actually a newbie on these, except on blogging. So, what is this blog all about? This blog will be my notebook. I am currently interested on these subjects, and I want to log all the information that I learned about these subjects. This could be helpful to you or to me or to anyone. Well, I don't guarantee that you'll get an expert opinion when you read and apply these information to your blog, all I can guarantee you is that I am applying all these optimization tips and tricks on my blog. If it works for me, it might as well work for you.

So, that's it. I'll be posting more topic soon!